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Cava Organic Brut Nature

Cava Organic Brut Nature



50% Macabeo

50% Chardonnay


29 months with lees.


Residual sugar: <3 g/l

Alcohol:               11,5% vol

Grapes origin   

Utiel Requena

The wine roots in Requena trace back more than two centuries, dating crop of the vineyard and consumption before the Roman occupation, seventh century before Christ.

You can find Requena’s county inland of Valencia, 70 km far away from the Mediterranean sea. It has an altitude is 700 to 900 meters above sea level. On a tableau, with 45 kilometers diameter is the only plain in the interior of Valencia country side. This geographic situation marks the climate of the county, classifying it as Mediterranean with continental influence.

The winters are cold and very long with occasional temperatures of until 15ºC under cero in strong contrast with our short summers and hot days and dry and fresh nights. These features are caused by the entrance of Levante’s wind that begins to blow in the middle the afternoon until late night.

Thanks to this climate, geographic situation, rough soils and the knowledge of his people, we produce astonishing white grapes. Keeping their berries with fine and complex aromas that shut the essences of the Valencian village.

Our cellar in Requena was born in the year 2007 with a decided bet for quality. It is thus, that we employ the last technologies to elaborate his wines. Looking for, in all moment, the maximum respect for grapes during the production of our sparkling wines using the traditional method.

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