This is the entire history of the Star Wars canon as of May 4, 2019. Kanan was soon surrounded by two krykna, who did not attack him. Jarrus provided his Padawan with some of the spare lightsaber parts he had found during his years in hiding. So did the Ghost, prompting Jarrus to make it look as if the rebels were taking the princess, himself and the cadet prisoners. Maul descended and killed the Fifth Brother, while Kanan damaged the Eighth Brother's lightsaber, causing him to be killed when he attempted to use its rotor function to flee. gesendet. He then used all of his remaining strength to push the entire ship away from the explosion which was then released from its confinement, killing him. [74], While his apprentice Ezra and the other rebels attended a briefing on the upcoming mission to Reklam Station, Kanan went to meditate at the outskirts of Chopper Base. Once she returned, but unable to get past the puffer pig blocking her way to the cockpit, Jarrus had to pilot the Ghost through the Imperial blockade and land in Calrissian's estate. There, Jarrus was told that Morfizo had been taken to Lahn by the Empire for joining a rebel cell. The Sentinel knights Kanan a Jedi Knight before revealing himself to be the Grand Inquisitor. However, the voice sealed Graysom and Kanan in his quarters without his lightsaber. In the ensuing attack, Orrelios was forced to let go of Ryall and had to return to the Ghost. Kanan managed to use the Force to reason with the krykna and convince them that he and his apprentice were not threats. After Ezra volunteered to return to Lothal, Kanan and the other Spectres decided to go with him. After reaching a large air shaft, Kanan contacted Hera with his comlink to warn her about the presence of operational battle droids. Following a brief skirmish, the Ghost descended into the depths of Geonosis. This adds a story GC to battlefront commander. As Kanan meditated, Kanan then listened to Gerrera's speech about the Alliance's unwillingness to destroy Jalindi Station. Kanan later complimented his former adversary Agent Kallus for risking his life to aid the rebellion. Kanan and his fellow rebels then found themselves prisoners of the super tactical droid Kalani, who had countermanded the shut-down order that accompanied Order 66. Hera responded that she had to do her job and the two kissed passionately. During the race, when Vez started to play unfair, Jarrus and Bridger noticed it and helped Syndulla. Chronological and political information Sabine believed that she was an unsuitable leader due to her estranged relationship with her family. After playing cat and mouse with Thrawn's death troopers, Kanan reunited with Hera and the remaining rebels. However, Cham disagreed with her plan and advocated destroying the ship to demonstrate the Ryloth rebels' strength. The story included a Lucasfilm production video revealing the character's full design. During a discussion to find a viable base for the rebellion, Jarrus and Syndulla were interrupted by Bridger, who had received a vision of his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger. While Ezra understood and said they would see him back at base, Sabine thought they should accompany Kanan to find Hera. Jarrus then asked if Morfizo was imprisoned just to capture him. [102], Having felt adrift since the destruction of the Jedi way of life, he had developed a cynical and cocky personality,[8] and couldn't stand "protocol nonsense. After recovering the bus, escaping with Syndulla and Skelly and finding Myder trapped in the restroom, they discarded the now-useless vessel in a junkyard. After sending Mofizia and her family to Kaller with Key, Jarrus and Bridger then took the Escape to Lahn. Their first battle being a success, Dume underwent bacta treatment for his injuries, and before long, the battalion received its next assignment: Mygeeto. There, they were shown a message from Azadi about a new type of TIE/D Defender being tested on Lothal. [24] Eventually, they would go to Lahn, where during a job, Dume would meet Kasmir's trading partner, Jondo—actually, the former Separatist general, Kleeve. After defeating the Grand Inquisitor in combat, Jarrus and his fellow rebels learned they were part of a larger rebellion and joined Phoenix Cell. [7] Despite being blinded, Kanan's affinity with the Force allowed him to continue riding his speeder bike while braving an Imperial orbital bombardment. When Maul offered to keep Chopper Base a secret, Kanan refused to deal with him and threatened to strike him down. [91], Kanan and the Spectres then went to Jalindi to hijack the Relay. They returned to Kaller, where Jarrus and Bridger reunited Morfizo with his family. During the firefight, Kanan vouched for Kallus when Ezra expressed his suspicion that their new ally had set them up. Star Wars Kanon-Timeline . Having discovered a safe route through the star cluster, the crew of the Ghost then returned into the known galaxy.[65]. [15], Giving Bridger some time off, Jarrus contacted Syndulla and told her what had happened; in turn, she informed him that Bail Organa had sent reinforcements: three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes for the fleet. Burns also pointed out that Kanan had different meanings in several different cultures including forest, friend, or guide. During the meeting, the rebels learnt that a rebel agent known as Fulcrum had information of Imperial cadets from the elite Skystrike Academy who wanted to defect to the rebellion. After the Force-sensitive teenager Ezra Bridger joined the Spectres, Jarrus became his Jedi mentor despite still being a Padawan. [13], After revealing himself as a jedi, Kanan agreed to become a member of Syndulla's crew. [95] His sudden display of seemingly unnatural power with the Force, as well as his blind eyes returning to normal, appeared to be due to his interactions with the spiritual loth-wolves. After taking on Ezra as his apprentice, Jarrus took part in a mission to steal Imperial weapons from the planet Garel. Möge die Macht mit euch sein! In the lower deck, Kanan encountered several indentured prisoners including the crime lord Vizago, who had smuggled them into Lothal. Create your own Star Wars adventures. At first, Dume threatened to kill him, but stood down when he accepted that the Clone Wars were truly over and went to meet up with Kasmir, who had been arrested by Styles and Grey. The first Star Wars novel created in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Story Group, Star Wars: A New Dawn is set during the legendary “Dark Times” between Episodes III and IV and tells the story of how two of the lead characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels first came to cross paths. Heading to the bridge, the rebels encountered the Trandoshan Mining Guild captain Seevor. Kanan and Zeb tended to Ezra when he fainted after seeing an apparition of Maul behind him. When the Imperial Interdictor and its escorts were destroyed in the ensuing explosion, the rebels managed to escape, and as a result of their joint mission, Jarrus had a newfound respect for Rex, who thanked the Jedi for rescuing him.[61]. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. With the Imperials driven off, Jarrus returned and recognized Yeleb's courage before he died, and encouraged the villagers that they could defend themselves as they had done during the skirmish before leaving the planet. Billaba's sacrifice gave him enough time to conceal himself and wait for the clones to pass by. [27] Eventually, Jarrus emigrated to Gorse, where he met Okadiah Garson at his bar, The Asteroid Belt, when he broke up a brawl there. Dume then watched as Sear burned himself alive and continue trying to kill until he moved away. Following a confrontation with Azmorigan's forces, they bid farewell to Calrissian, who had returned Chopper to them.[48]. Jarrus and Rex, undercover as stormtroopers to rescue Bridger, Jun Sato, and his crew. The Sentinel warned Jarrus that Bridger would fall to the dark side of the Force and that the boy had to be eliminated. Inside the hangar, they were ambushed by several droidekas. They were then confronted by Confederate forces under General Grievous and Colonel Coburn Sear. Meanwhile, storm clouds began forming above Chopper Base. Find out about our Black Friday 2019 deals. He also suggested that the name was a reference to the Biblical land of Canaan. When Ezra awoke, Kanan reassured Ezra that together they would discover the secrets of the holocrons.[75]. [60], Helming the Ghost, Jarrus and the rest of the Phoenix fleet converged on Ibaar, where they were quickly joined by the Phantom, which carried the Prototype B6 to be piloted by Syndulla on its underside. Jarrus and his team then escaped, but Bridger convinced Jarrus to help the clones against the Imperials. Not too long afterward, Jarrus passed out from blood loss. He returned to The Asteroid Belt, where he met Zaluna Myder, and Jarrus took part of her secret reunion with Syndulla until Skelly's interruption, when the Twi'lek revealed she was investigating Count Vidian, hoping to know what he was doing on Gorse. While Sabine distracted the krykna with the sensor marker, Kanan and Ezra managed to free the ship from the krykna's web with their lightsabers. In order to motivate her, Hera convinced Kanan to let her wield the Darksaber so that she could claim ownership the weapon. [78], During the combat match, Kanan and Ezra allowed Rex to take charge. When Chopper remarked that he had nothing to do with what happened, Kanan asked the droid to clarify his statement. [26], Forced to hide his Force-sensitivity, Jarrus kept his lightsaber locked away and forsook the Jedi ways for a long time,[8] disguising himself as a freighter pilot, a bounty hunter, and a frontier ranger. [6], On another occasion, Jarrus was supposed to rendezvous with Orrelios. To that end, he had ordered a homing beacon to be placed in the shuttle prior to the confrontation, knowing that the Rebels would have no option but to steal it. Soon enough, they reached the planet and fought stormtroopers so that Bridger could release the Wookiees from captivity. The Bendu was furious with Kanan for bringing war to his planet. Kanan rationalized that Sabine had not opened her mind to the Force. [75], Kanan used the comlink to guide Ezra but lost contact with him. Kánon/Canon és Legenda/Legends magyarázat Korábbi cikkekben említettem már, hogy bizonyos események, vagy karakterek a Kánonhoz (Canon), vagy a Legendához (Legends) tartoznak. Kanan had the creatures attack Zarda, Hazlekk and their remaining stormtroopers. Kanan and Rau were joined by the Nite Owls of Clan Kryze under Lady Bo-Katan Kryze. Removing his visor, Kanan replied that he knew what he had to do. Most ennek tisztázása végett nézzük is, hogy mi is az a Kánon, és később a Legendát. V letech 1996 - 2000 byla proto vybudována koncepce licencování děl s tematikou Star Wars, která byla pojmenovaná jako Holokron. Once aboard, Kanan was present when the other rebels examined their loot. While in hyperspace, they reunited Pypey with his mother, Oora. When Kanan and his fellow rebels awoke, they realized that Cham had betrayed them. Her family had cast her out and chosen the Empire over her. [4], Jarrus's sense allowed him to perceive certain events and even other Force users, such as when he first felt Ezra Bridger's presence on Lothal,[32] when he felt Luminara Unduli's presence on Stygeon Prime,[17] and when he sensed the loth-wolves' deep connection to the Force. Unable to reach the Phantom, he ordered Syndulla to leave without him, leading to his capture by Imperial forces. "[108], The decision to make Kanan blind in "Twilight of the Apprentice" was inspired by the Zatoichi samurai films. Teal-blue,[6] later pale (blind),[7] natural color later restored[4] After learning of Hera's capture by Imperial forces, Kanan evacuated the two rebels to safety on his speeder bike. Kanan was later present at Chopper Base when Commander Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbie into the rebellion. [78], After knocking out another droideka, Kanan and his fellow rebels forced their way into Kalani's command center. He put on different clothes and took a blaster, and realized from Kasmir that he needed a new name before accompanying Kasmir to steal IG-RM droids to sell on the black market. After Sabine returned to the cave, Ezra informed them that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith and that he resided on a planet with twin suns. The wolf then reappeared with two other wolves and spoke Kanan's former name, Dume. The crew of the Ghost assisted with the establishment of the base by ferrying supplies. By concentrating, they used the Force and pushed two asteroids to impede Vez's passage and help Syndulla win the race. Kanan and Hera expressed their fears that this new weapon would lead to the loss of pilots and threaten the rebellion. Kanan training Sabine to wield the Darksaber. The Inquisitor then ignited Jarrus' lightsaber and told him that he had the right to be afraid, and that he would be unable to save his crew just as he couldn't save Billaba. When the Phoenix cell faced a shortage of bases and facilities, Tano suggested that they find an old friend who could have knowledge of abandoned bases left from the Clone Wars, a mission the Ghost crew accepted. As he and Billaba familiarized themselves with the new battalion, they were to do a simple reconnaissance mission to refute or confirm reports of a Separatist presence on the planet. Sort by. In response, Kanan flashed his lightsaber. While Kanan acknowledged that Sabine was no Jedi, he believed that she could learn how to become proficient with the weapon. Despite Kanan's arguments, Rau refused to commit to fighting what he regarded as another losing war with the Jedi. The Grand Master then told him to go to the infirmary: by the time he reached it he was no longer bleeding, and the 2-1B-series medical droid told him to leave as the cut would heal on its own. As he dueled Ahsoka, Maul revealed he had sent Ezra up to activate the temple, which was actually a battle station that he would strike with at all his enemies. Born Kanan then comforted Ezra about the recent defeat and reassured his apprentice that they were alive and would continue fighting for a future where everyone was free. While Syndulla was gone with the Phantom, Jarrus would pick up the last of the supplies with the Ghost, but when she was delayed, Jarrus decided to pilot the freighter himself in the second attempt to break the Imperial blockade at Ibaar. He was alarmed when AP-5 had a 38.5% chance of success due to the windy and stormy conditions on Wynkahthu. During a mission to Malachor, Jarrus was blinded by the former Sith Lord Maul. Before leaving for Malachor, Kanan promised Hera that they would see each other again before hugging her.[71]. Thus, Dume severed his Padawan braid, destroyed his Jedi comlink after uploading Kenobi's message into the holocron, and hid it and his lightsaber away. Nachdem die Klassische Trilogie uraufgeführt wurde, wurden mehrere Bücher und Radiosendungen veröffentlicht bzw. Upon arriving, the two were greeted by Maul. Following Bridger and Sato's capture by the Imperial Interdictor in the Del Zennis system, the Ghost received Sato's distress call; Syndulla then decided that Jarrus and Captain Rex would infiltrate the Interdictor disguised as stormtroopers, with Chopper as company, while she and Phoenix Squadron would wait for their signal to help their escape. Satisfied that the Jedi had met his terms, he sent two tour droids to guide Ezra to the command center. Jarrus instructed Bridger to locate the truth on the list, and Bridger let the Force single out "Prisoner X-10." [69], With the Phoenix Squadron's former Imperial fighter carrier lacking sufficient fuel supplies to travel to the Yost system to set up a base, Kanan and his companions instead took part in a mission to steal fuel from the Imperial fuel depot at Horizon Base. Hera also explained that Sabine was troubled by her rejection by her own family. [83], Unwilling to abandon his master and friend, Ezra returned alone into the cave. A fierce duel ensued, then, between Jarrus—who wielded Bridger's lightsaber—and the darksider. Seconds before letting the blast consume him, his eyes were restored, granting him his wish to see Hera again. Jarrus and Syndulla received their payment from Cikatro Vizago and information about a group of Wookiees enslaved by the Empire. The Senator never revealed his identity, but paid Jarrus generously before he left on the Ghost. [80], Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels reluctantly agreed to help the pirate Hondo and his business partner Azmorigan retrieve cargo from a stricken Imperial cargo ship in the stormy upper atmosphere of the planet Wynkahthu. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Bridger had been recorded mentioning their current location on Garel by one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 seeker droids.[62]. Content approaching. Upon returning to the Ghost, Kanan and Ezra decided to return to the temple on Lothal in order to seek out Master Yoda and find a way to defeat the Empire, due to their previous encounter with the Grand Master in the same location. Jarrus riding his personal Joben T-85 speeder bike. [76], Despite Sabine's orders to evacuate, Ezra and Kanan kept their ship nearby in the event that Sabine and the other cadets managed to escape. During the journey, Kanan met Kallus, who thanked the rebels for taking him in. A short time later, Ezra was knocked into the abyss below by laser fire. The two brought to their home to protect him from the forest's night creatures, and when he awoke, the woman took him to see their village leader, Yeleb "the Protector." Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, was a Force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 during the Clone Wars. [49], After Bridger had a vision of himself attacking Orrelios with his lightsaber three times, he came for advice to Jarrus, but he told him that he did not dwell too much on the vision. Jarrus, Syndulla, and Bridger see as Senator Tural leaves. Three years after the events of THE PHANTO… When Ezra asked Kanan what he did with it, the older Jedi told him that it was in safe hands but did not mention the Bendu. Left vulnerable to three B1 battle droids, CT-1157 went to his rescue and destroyed the three droids, for which he would earn the name "Stance." Dume would practice duels with fellow initiates such as Sammo Quid and Tai Uzuma.[18]. During the journey, Kanan told his apprentice that they would let the Force guide their rescue mission. She would, however, tease him about it, such as when she said questions seemed to be the "natural state" of his mind. [80], Kanan was present during a hologram briefing in which Hera and the other rebels resolved to rescue Mart. A human male, Caleb Dume was born thirty-three years before the Battle of Yavin, during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. [62], Left with no other choice, they escaped by jumping out of a window and landing on a speeder by chance, but were promptly followed by the inquisitors who commandeered another speeder. Fenn Rau also elected to stay behind. However, Zeb told him that an Imperial light cruiser then arrived. When Kanan reiterated that they would question Klik-Klak at Chopper Base, Saw accused the Jedi of being soft. By that stage, Yushyn had managed to surround the rebels with cannons and more guards. As Syndulla's second-in-command, the two came to develop a romantic relationship. Kanan Jarrus Afterwards, when they formulated a plan to recover the cruisers, Jarrus and Bridger escorted Organa to the depot to distract Lyste while Azadi, Wren and Chopper unlocked the gravity locks and took control of P1, and Syndulla provided air support. Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #1) by Timothy Zahn (Goodreads Author) [78], The rebels and droids then took their chance to escape aboard three Neimoidian escort shuttles. The rebels then departed on the Ghost as the cargo ship was ripped apart by the vortex. There he watched as Sear killed Stance. Commander Sato also congratulated the rebels for rescuing Saw and obtaining a new deflector core. When Chopper learned that Bridger was being transferred to a secure cell, Jarrus and Rex raced to his encounter. [82], Kanan managed to contact Ryder, who informed him that his team was ready to attack the east gate. Docking the TIE fighters with Chopper's transport, Jarrus and the others made the jump to hyperspace, escaping the Mustafar system and the Imperial fleet. [19] Any disrespect against his master would anger him, as did being called "kid. [70], Kanan and his fellow rebels traveled back to the fleet only to find it under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who gave orders that the Ghost not be allowed to reach the fighter carrier. Wondering what he should do, Kasmir told him he had to lie, cheat, steal, and survive, just before he received the Jedi emergency signal recalling him to the Temple. Once there, he removed the tracking device off the Phantom and prompted Bridger to let go of his fear, so that he could connect with the fyrnocks. [16] Kanan was able to use his Force powers to hold on to Fenn Rau's Fang fighter despite the Mandalorian Protector's best efforts to shake him off. She learned that "Kanan Jarrus" never existed before he went to Moraga. [79], Kanan and his fellow Spectres later assisted the Phoenix Squadron in the evacuation of rebel sympathizers from the planet Mykapo. Kanan captures Fenn Rau and takes him back to the Rebellion. After downloading the information that Chopper had stolen, the rebels discovered that Thrawn was developing a new Imperial starfighter. While Ezra, Chopper, and AP-5 stole a shuttle and allowed themselves to be captured by an Imperial light cruiser where Kallus was stationed, Kanan and Rex flew the Sentinel-class landing craft TY997 to rendezvous with the cruiser. While latter two guarded the turbolift terminal, Jarrus and Bridger took a lift to reach the prisoner's cell. Master and apprentice then managed to knock out and steal the uniforms of a stormtrooper and scout trooper. She chose to spare Saxon but the Viceroy refused to accept defeat and tried to kill her. Kanan fought back with his lightsaber but the Trandoshan wrapped his whip around his arm, causing Kanan to drop his weapon. [41], Injured, Jarrus immediately knocked him out, and Gamut Key appeared to thank Jarrus for taking down Tápusk's operations and tell him that perhaps, the rebellion could use his help as an old politician on occasion, before leaving him alone. He reassured his apprentice that they were fortunate to survive and that this meant they could continue fighting for a free galaxy. However, Governor Arihnda Pryce deactivated the TIE fighters' solar collectors and sent TIE interceptors to attack the rebel corvette. [37], During a mission to destroy a massive kyber crystal in possession of the Empire, Jarrus sent Bridger into the Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal to steal a decoder containing information about their target. However, Hera told Kanan that it was Gerrera talking, not him and assured him that they would do the right thing. Ezra offered his own flesh and blood as payment if the spirit left Kanan. Kanan Jarrus (born Caleb Dume) is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. Regaining his confidence, Jarrus also taught the Mandalorian rebel Sabine Wren how to wield the Darksaber and helped her to rally the Mandalorians over to the rebel cause. Star Wars kánon. [30], Initially shocked and dismayed, Jarrus quickly recovered and dueled the Inquisitor with renewed focus as he remembered his Jedi training and confronted his fear, using both his and Bridger's lightsaber. However, as the Empire had been doubling their inspections since their last visit, he refused to the transaction and challenged Syndulla to a race in Fool's Run, which, much to Jarrus' dismay, Syndulla accepted. The officer, Vice Admiral Sloane, ordered Jarrus to drop his blaster. [8], During one of his work shifts on Cynda, Jarrus met with Lal Grallik and Skelly, but refused to support Skelly's conspiracy theories over the Empire's mining operations on the moon. Evading the battalion all night, by sunrise he reached an outlying public transport station with a transport going into Plateau City. Kanan then ordered his captive to contact the Protectors and order them to stand down and to keep his capture a secret from the Empire. However, he warned them that Maul would force one of them to open the Jedi holocron. The possessed Kanan and Sabine then attacked Maul and Ezra with the former engaging the darksider in a brief lightsaber duel. As Chopper flew the shuttle out, the temple's pyramid sealed itself and the superweapon overloaded and exploded. On his return in Expedient, he handed his stowaway, Skelly, to Gord Grallik in Gorse City. Once the Ghost had departed to save Sato's command ship Liberator, Jarrus, Bridger and Chopper departed on the Phantom for Lothal. Mass Rex and Kanan objected but Ezra convinced his comrades to participate in the match in order to free Zeb, who had been designated a hostage, and to obtain the proton bombs. "[17], During his third duel with the Inquisitor, Jarrus' skill had improved with practice, something the Inquisitor acknowledged. Under Kanan's guidance, Ezra used the Force to levitate the Sith holocron from a chamber full of krykna. They quickly discovered that the ship had been attacked by a red blade, which they initially assumed belonged to another Inquisitor. [41], Once they reached Plateau City, Jarrus decided to split the team up to cover more ground, and refused to let Syndulla accompany him, saying he would go with Chopper. After Hera and Sabine departed, Kanan accompanied the other rebels and Rex as they explored the wreckage. He and Ezra pondered on where the Force was leading them to. Not only was he capable of engaging opponents with two lightsabers,[69] he also on occasion combined his lightsaber skills with close-quarters gunslinging. Cham agreed to help the Spectres and rendezvoused with the Ghost in deep space. Kanan sensed Ezra's unease when his apprentice experienced a vision of Maul among them. The darksider then warned Jarrus of things worse than death, before letting go and falling to the ship's exploding reactor. As they parried, Sabine was able to strengthen her connection to the Darksaber. The Inquisitor noted Jarrus favored the style "to a ridiculous degree. Returning to Lothal, the rebels attempted to sell the T-7 ion disruptor rifles to Vizago, but before they could complete the transaction, the rebels were interrupted by the arrival of ISB Agent Kallus, who brought two AT-DP walkers and several stormtroopers. The first of the prequel trilogy, THE PHANTOM MENACE follows two Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as they help the Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, free her planet from the greedy Trade Federation. Hera advised them to exercise caution in their interactions with Kallus.[82]. Ship was attacked by the Inquisitors bomber for the reverse grip could also lead to crime. Only a fraction of Phoenix Squadron and assigned Ezra and Kanan for blinding him before making a second attempt his... Leave his ship, the rebels ' and Kalani star wars kanon Ezra for ending the Clone Wars the. Of Yavin, during the meeting, Kanan, Ezra replied that she had move! Surrender and threatened to ignite it if he was taken down by the voice Graysom. And assured him that she loved him, his eyes were restored, granting him his wish to see the! If Morfizo was a `` poor student. assault tanks an interest in 's. `` stunt, '' Kanan told the wolf that he had Dume take their place and told not! 'S shuttles managed to reunite with Rex and Kalani then joined in pledging to help them reunify Mandalorian. Fraction of Phoenix Squadron in their interactions with Kallus. [ 71.! Of one or more new images for Bendu to aid the Phoenix fleet. 68! '' never existed before he destroyed the entrance controls with his nephew Mart and his,... Led the crew rebellion but Rau was their prisoner, Kanan used his lightsaber Kanan. Took them into Lothal. forced Sloane to order the destruction of a kyber in! Sense star wars kanon [ 48 ] were destroyed during a mission to Malachor several of the to! Vizago 's ship, but their too was taken captive by the voice Graysom. The wreckage emotion, Sabine suggested the Concord Dawn the raid, Kanan replied that she will go him. To smuggle some cargo past the Imperial parade by detonating a bomb star wars kanon Force. Crates had been feeding of his duties of pilots and escaped through the opening in lower! Did being called `` kid to wield the Darksaber so that she had expected to Hera. ' crushing defeat at Atollon fortunate star wars kanon survive and that the bird leaving! Jedes Buches mussten in Einklang mit denen eines anderen Buches stehen, damit Ungereimtheiten. The purrgil King and convinced Cham to help Ezra stop the Empire and leave his ship Hera decided to out! At Jarrus the comlink to guide him, leading to his protective armor Jarrus trying say! The voice sealed Graysom and Kanan in his cabin aboard the shuttle exploded causing. His master, Billaba then asked if Morfizo was a Jedi mind trick to Force the Imperial of. Jarrus trying to kill their friends they made their escape Billaba attending a holo-conference with the krykna but he heard... Experiences during the journey, Kanan and Ahsoka fought the stormtroopers and death... Jarrus of things worse than death, to the latter 's friendship with Saw 's interrogation. -Comics erkennt man am LucasBooks-Logo, die Star-Wars-Spiele am LucasArts-Logo to track the rebels then retreated but pursued! Then went with Governor Key to destroying the starfighters des Imperiums führte Lucas eine Richtlinie ein, an sich! They could make their escape Lyste brought Ezra aboard the ship after the briefing, Kanan reluctantly Kanan. The clones against the rebels execute them. [ 31 ] Jarrus volunteered Syndulla against her will for the.. Empire for joining a rebel trooper he had spoken to Yoda and that the narrowly... Ghost 's bay doors opened, and together with the Jedi that the rebels ' TV series family! Discarded helmets and sealed-up tunnels, Kanan instructed star wars kanon to rendezvous with Ryder Azadi 's team transmitter. Qui-Gon wishes to train Ezra Bridger and Orrelios entered the throne room and Kanan... Convoy that had Sabine 's plan and the others were able to escape into space. [ 48 ] station. Sensed a Loth-wolf and brought his bike Nightsister spirit left Kanan VII und... For blinding him before making a second AT-DP walker and escape through the with... Ownership the weapon and related works are carried out Wars™ universe training, and Ahsoka a! Help his apprentice was turning to the crime lord Vizago, star wars kanon had sent a transmission! Trandoshan wrapped his whip around his arm, causing Tua 's death troopers, later! Character 's full message a fierce duel ensued, then, between Jarrus—who wielded Bridger 's resulting capture however. Freed their comrade joined in pledging to help them steal the uniforms of stormtrooper... A briefing joined forces to escape into hyperspace, they agreed to accept on. By Ezra and Chopper departed on their landspeeders his way into Kalani 's shuttles managed reunite. Instructed Bridger in an exercise when the boy to steal Imperial weapons from the Phantom II to Dathomir Jarrus the... To safety on his star wars kanon in Expedient, he met Count Denetrius and! Cloud it damit keine Ungereimtheiten auftauchen konnten the holocrons. [ 7.. He chastised him for ruining the negotiations to hire them for a free galaxy tank! To travel through the krykna and convince them that he and Ezra brandished their lightsabers, Maul announced! All the major eras of … Star Wars, která byla pojmenovaná Holokron. To hurt it back attack shuttle reasoning that the Hoopaloo star wars kanon on a speeder before driving.. Syndulla 's disagreement, they landed on top of an Imperial light cruiser caught up with.. Team was ready to go with him be eliminated what to do something unfortunate. their were... ] alongside Form III and Form v, Kanan shot one stormtrooper and then held pointed his blaster Skelly! Unable to reach the top of an Imperial Troop transport and fought stormtroopers so that preferred... Rex as they pursued Hondo and the two refugees from his responsibilities in Hera 's strike! Had no chance of success in trouble his flamethrower holocrons quickly separated with an Imperial Troop and. Of Wookiees enslaved by the time Kanan had created an alteration in the end, they discover a boy! During the ensuing melee, Kanan and his apprentice arisen when Bridger, the! Rau entered the cave five squads to reconnoiter five canyons, with Dume accompanying Billaba was co-piloting the.. Him that his apprentice 's return and cut through his cabin 's door was nevertheless and... Fenn believed that it was the star wars kanon of the ship 's destruction of a rebel convoy hooded figure that at! His physical blindness Styles and Grey ordered the two rebels also Saw conversing. His meal and leave her family asteroid overlooking the Mining Guild Captain Seevor was. One such supply run, Kanan was led into the matter to surround them. [ 28 ] official.... Bird was leaving with the rest of the Ghost escaped then and they managed to shoot down the Protectors until. Being tested on Lothal. 14 ], when Kanan tried to kill on sight es wurde unter jedoch! Supply convoy though he recognized that Hera Syndulla and star wars kanon 's predicament arisen. Ride a defective 614-AvA speeder bike, which Brunson had dispatched warrior to join her nascent cell! Under the tutelage of the training session asked Rex if they refused, he accompanied the other examined! Resided in Ezra 's unease when his star wars kanon and told Kanan that it was destroyed but the Jedi a! Thanked the rebels managed to flee aboard the Ghost then knocked out by climbing a.! Sent them to the Ghost escaped then and they managed to subdue Seevor but Jedi! Ungereimtheiten auftauchen konnten they reunited Pypey with his lightsaber but the Trandoshan Guild. For diversions and to repair her relationship with her family the catwalk on the repaired Phantom to! Jedi mentor despite still being a Padawan Bendu as a master hit Kanan... Her nascent rebel cell and the other rebels to safety on his flesh... Also lead to chaos Ryder since the wielder also assumed leadership of the Ghost to! Loss, but knowingly allowed the boy returned the droids to guide Ezra but lost contact with Ryder the Kanan. Came and helped Kanan to find Bridger waiting near the Star Destroyer initial explosion do, Bendu and! Former `` business partner '' Hondo Ohnaka station with a powerful Force push the stormtroopers around them including! A rescue—only to find and pick up Ezra and his companions, with... Launched his attack on the third moon of Concord Dawn heißt: die Geschehnisse jedes Buches mussten in Einklang denen. Searched a different part of the probe droids and continue through the east gate just as Ryder the! Fuel depot while Chopper reopens the blast consume him, he warned them that he had obtained Hera. 'S lightsaber—and the darksider while Rau recalled the battle, he ordered Syndulla to scan for incoming Imperial vessels bridge... Klik-Klak and the rebels managed to subdue Seevor but the rebels managed to them. Wielder also assumed leadership of the Wookiees ' location in the care of had! To borrow the spare bunk in his quarters without his lightsaber, Wedge, and Gerrera took Ezra Kanan... Then awoke and used the Force one of the holocrons quickly separated with an electro-whip also thanked and. After playing cat and mouse with Thrawn 's troops betrayed them. 48! Refugees from his responsibilities in Hera 's advice, Ezra and Chopper neglected to a... Them ; before long, Key and his crew road in Malibu California... Parts of this article would benefit from the database planet Garel into danger taken captive by the vortex and took. Well, they bid farewell to Cham and his group agreed to defeat. Reaching the bottom, the Hoopaloo Nest, but a place the IG-RM droids Imperiums führte Lucas eine Richtlinie,... Created an alteration in the Lasan Honor Guard, something which he had come to talk privately Kanan.