GO!" This is our text exchange (any identifying information or names have been changed or omitted to protect confidentiality). Original arrow was a light blue and not red. The RoadRunner camper trailer was manufactured right here in Utah. I give you the first ever Batman vs. Superman vs. Spider-Man DANCE-OFF!! This video depicts a married couple with debilitating disabilities—the husband with Parkinson's Disease and the wife suffering from a stroke. Find 11 used 1966 Plymouth Satellite as low as $29,995 on Carsforsale.com®. These mindsets are understandable when life gets hard and it feels like you've exhausted every avenue. Apr 30, 2017 - Explore Beth Bricker's board "My 1966 Frolic Travel Trailer", followed by 318 people on Pinterest. Produced from 1966 to 1978, the Mopar 440 engine is legendary among muscle car aficionados. We like this paint scheme. Should I make a big deal out of it or let it go?". Two people recently joined our group with Roadrunner trailers that clearly are not the same make. Well, recently, I finally found a deal we couldn't pass up on KSL Classifieds (a regional fav resource so buying and selling used goods). This is on a RoadRunner travel trailer. My interest in this began as I belong to a small group of Roadrunner enthusiasts, but the ones that were built by L&M Mfg in Ephraim, UT during the same era. Find complete specs. With the odd logo and have been looking for info myself.I just bought one. She could care less,, she Just wanted it weighed ,,and she said empty weight. Cast your vote in the comments below! If you’re a romantic sap like me, then read on! Q: A Facebook friend asked me: "I have been struggling with a relationship lately and came across the following list of relationship advice in an email and I love it so thought I would pass it along to you. RR's are more boxy and don't have that rounded all around "canned ham" look. Obviously, that won't help. Fill out the eval here... http://penosil.com/gb/cleaners/66-penosil-premium-silicone-remover-6024.html, http://www.unibond.co.uk/en/sealants/tools---accessories/silicone-sealant-remover.html, http://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f55/silicone-remover-51074.html, http://www.guardianhitch.com/trailerlocks.htm, https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Coupler/Atwood/AT80072.html, https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/coleman-55-watt-solar-back-up-kit. That I had something unique and powerful to contribute. Update: The DMV fortunately had the this VIN in their database and informed me it was a 1965. Ha!). Neither of them are available in the states. Could there possibly be a contender who could take on such a stupid song for the title?". Dang. I don't have a title or other paperwork and don't know the exact year. Right now he is really having a problem with hitting. Click HERE to see how we converted this 1966 Airstream into a mobile hot dog grill. What a pain. Another one like one above, says it's a 1966 Roadrunner. It has earned a reputation for uncompromising integrity in all of its relationships with communities, suppliers, retailers and with the hundreds of thousands of Americans who live in Skyline-built homes and enjoy Skyline-built RVs. GR Masters: Star Wars Love... Mark & Marilou Hamill: Married 37 Years and Counting... GR Masters: Patience, Knitting and Shrubs, GR Masters: "Honey, I'm Good" music vid by Andy Grammer, GR Masters: Love & Romance Don't Fade with Age. My father-in-law gave me a new 55w three panel solar kit he never used (https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/coleman-55-watt-solar-back-up-kit) which provides plenty of power for our limited use. Heater interestestingly enough still sells and updated version of these, though the basic function hasn't changed much. Rig to hold heat gun so I could use both hands for scraping and peeling. Sweeping sand into the sticky adhesive residue. Deceptively flimsy. And are especially rare in Hollywood. She is a 1967 Forrester 16 feet long beauty. I have some possible info on the one above that puzzles you. So I went into dogged research mode. Kara and I have wanted something like this for years. Q: "My husband forgets to wear his wedding ring and it hurts my feelings. I tried EVERYTHING with little success, or with fair success but at about 15 minutes per tile I wasn't about to invest that much time. Late 60's like  Steven Hartline's '68 has those two pane horizontal windows, with a different cranking mechanism. 1966 Travel Trailer for rent in Seattle, WA 98103 1966 Vintage Trailers Other Travel Trailer RV for Rent in Seattle, WA 1966 Vintage Trailer: Road Runner (classic "Canned Ham" style) I think what I would like is validation that what I did was right. :-), RoadRunner Revival: Vintage Camper Trailers, http://www.marriageenvy.com/great-relationships-blog/2015/10/5/our-vintage-roadrunner-camper-project, http://ostrobogulation.com/2014/12/03/renovating-a-vintage-1969-roadrunner-travel-trailer/, http://www.allmanufacturedhomes.com/html/vintage_trailer_cd_collections.htm), https://newspapers.lib.utah.edu/details?id=5640380, Ephraim Enterprise, 1962-01-12 Ephraim News, Ephraim Enterprise, 1962-03-09 Lions Hear Story of Cache Valley Breeders Group, Ephraim Enterprise, 1962-06-29 City Council Approves Sewer Ordinance, https://newspapers.lib.utah.edu/details?id=2979945, 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a Better Ephraim, Ephraim Enterprise, 1969-07-10 Wind Blasts Plant, Ephraim Enterprise, 1969-11-27 L&M Plant Sets Fete on Dec. 7th, Ephraim Enterprise, 1969-12-04 L&M Trailer Firm to Dedicate New Building on December 7, Ephraim Enterprise, 1969-12-11 L&M Trailer Hosts Sun. This was the only pic left on the eBay ad as it had sold and the rest of the pix were gone unfortunately. If you are the same person, would you be open to me learning from you anything you can share about the company and/or the campers? Thank you in advance for your time and any info or leads you may have for us. I need help. ", Speaking Manglish and Womanese: Bridging the Gender Gap, Two Teens Answer "What Are Healthy or Unhealthy Relationships? But there’s a lot more to Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) so we wrote a complete guide on what exactly is GVWR. Marriage Mastery, 2. Could you send pix of yours to aid in this endeavor? After: Using a 3'x4' sheet of galvanized steel from local Home Depot (in the furnace ducting section) I cut out replacement pieces for the lower door panel and the doorknob area. This worked FAST. Does anyone know of this one? Our Anniversary Tradition typically includes 5 Things: 1. DAP Silicone Be Gone was apparently THE product to use that worked miracles at disolving and jellying silicone to where it could be wiped away easily with just a towel. Just the trailer. Years ago Kara and I had the opportunity to buy a small 10 foot vintage camper trailer for $500. This was Donna's maiden voyage, whose name we voted on as a family from a list of the top 10 baby names from 1965. This one is from Estoniahttp://penosil.com/gb/cleaners/66-penosil-premium-silicone-remover-6024.html, And this one is from England.http://www.unibond.co.uk/en/sealants/tools---accessories/silicone-sealant-remover.html, Very helpful discussion and review  on silicone caulk removershttp://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f55/silicone-remover-51074.html. Oh yeah. However, for this project there were several things I couldn't find elsewhere, just had to figure out on my own, or took forever to find, so I thought I'd share it here hopefully to help some other poor schmuck like me save some time and headaches.